Membership of CREN admits you to a network of over 600 members and growing steadily, spanning government, academia, individual and private business concerns. CREN is committed to working with these diverse categories of stakeholders as we believe this will enhance the drive for large scale implementation of renewable energy in Nigeria.

Membership Benefits, include

  • The opportunity to elect CREN members who are foremost players in the renewable energy sector, to the executive management committee (EMC)
  • The opportunity to network with leaders and big players in the field of renewable energy in Nigeria and globally.
  • The opportunity to showcase your activities in the area of renewable energy (i.e events and businesses)
  • Gain first hand information about renewable energy activities nationwide and internationally
  • Be involved in policy formulation processes that enhance the sustainability of renewable energy in Nigeria
  • Opportunity to get discount on attendance at renewable energy events.
  • Internship and Job Placement Assistance for students
  • Volunteer opportunity for strategic initiatives in Renewable Energy Sector
  • Assistance in facilitating strategic networks for industry development
  • Get exclusive discounts to CREN endorsed or partner events and programs, local and internationally.